What the people are saying

 “Excellent singer and guitarist....puts her soul into every song I've heard her play with beautiful tone. Donna reminds me of Bonnie Rait in the way she sounds and moves as she plays. Always a joy to see and hear.”

- Thomas Bream

"Donna Mogavero's music is INSPIRATIONAL, POWERFUL, HEALING, and plain ol'GOOD FOR THE SOUL! Donna's albums "Out of the Nest" and "Live", are two albums that have been in constant rotation in my life for over 10 years. To see her perform live is truly a gift. She can move you to tears, give you goosebumps, and melt your heart. A TRUE TALENT and hidden gem to the Columbus Music Scene. If you haven't had the chance to experience Donna Mogavero, don't deny yourself any longer.”

- Amy Hughes

“Donna has a great smokey voice and is a fantastic musician, but what sets her apart for me is the songs she writes. Stripped bare lyrics right down to the soul bone. Her songs hold truth, and they stay with you long after the night is over.”

- Debe Wenig

“I'm naturally hyper, Donna Mogavero's music calms me, soothes, me, and puts a big smile on my face!!! Love her!!!! Can I get a whoop, whoop???!!!”

- Robby Poston Layman

“Entertaining, challenging, and engaged in our community, Donna Mogavero has worked long and hard enough to be considered one of the primary voices of the Columbus, Ohio music scene.”

- Terry Wilson

“Donna Mogavero's sound and musical style is full, strong, solid, engaging and flowing. Be it in small, medium or large venues, her music will wake your spirit, and touch your soul.”

- Shari Veleba

“An evening with Donna Mogavero...whether she's solo or backed...is an evening of warm, feel-good hospitality and charm. To me, her music says "nice to see you again", "make yourself at home", "check this out" and "here's a special treat". A sublime blend of energy and comfort...an experience that invites fearless commitment...a smile at the end of any day. That's Donna and that's her music...”

- Deborah Connolly

“Music that will stand the test of time tells a story and the truth, and touches people emotionally. Donna Mogavero's music does all of this"

- Jeffrey Brandt

“Donna....she can sit in with me anytime.”

- William Lee

“Donna Mogavero has a classic sound, and has always brought to mind my favorite female vocalist ever: Bonnie Raitt. I could listen to Donna sing anything!”

- Chuck Brown

“Love the sultry voice. Amazing singer.”

- Renee LeMay Brissette

“Donna Magavero has a gift and happily she shares .She has a silky, at times husky voice that combines pop and folk with a purity and ease that is head turning . And you keep looking that a'way! She makes every cover song her own. Take , Up On The Roof. She sings it as though she has just taken a random moment of her very own and found some new kind of pain and pleasure. But Donna is not just a beautiful voice with lovely guitar work, this broad can write. Check out Proud Girl on her Out of the Nest album. The lyrics are hopeful, strong and one can tell, personal. There is not a dishonest note or word in this song. If I still lived in Columbus I would go hear Donna every dang chance I got. Rock on sister!”

- Sharon Pfancuff

“There is no need to lie with your talent.”

- Michael King

“What I have always liked about Donna's Music, Is even doing a cover tune, she makes it her own without detracting from the original if that makes sense. Sometimes when you hear a cover its like eww, they ought not have done that. I have never have had that experience with Donna. The original stuff is just pure Donna. If you know anything of Donna and what she stands for, you can hear it and feel it in the music. Its pure, its raw its honest. What music should be. Not to mention the kick ass guitar playing.”

- Karen Fairhurst

“She's her own gal and honest in her music. She also is one of the most charitable musicians in this town for years. Generous with her time and sincere. She gets a Grammy from me.”

- Michael Doody

“Donna brings truth and sincerity to every song she performs. Her performance is understated fireworks.”

- Carlin Hagerty

“Donna Mogavero Is a fantastic singer/songwriter/ musician, Who has been thrilling Central Ohio audiences for many years. Her special charm, wit, and beauty combined with her musical talents are Guaranteed to captivate any audience.”

- Jerry Blinn

"What Jerry Blinn said, and you Donna Mogavero have one of my favorite voices.I could always listen to you for hours.”

- Cathy J. Lowry

“The first time I heard Donna Mogavero in concert, I left with 3 of her CDs and often could not tear myself away from my car because I didn't want to turn off her wonderful voice!”

- Patti Harris

“I've loved Donna and her music and voice since I first laid eyes and ears on her 30 years ago at Ruby Tuesdays. Underappreciated nationally but cherished locally, Donna's music is as pure an unaffected as her voice. She can croon, she can rock and she can roll and she can whisper in your ear. No matter what genre, and she can cover them all, her songs and music are laden with keen observation of the human condition and deep sensibility and emotion. Her liquid voice can be soothing on one song, filled with wonder on another and be bold and assertive on yet another of her beautifully crafted songs. As all fine artists, Donna has the desire to go where others fear to tread, to examine those deep emotions that we all share AND she has the ability to express them like no one else. The years have only made Donna's voice and songs better, like fine wine. An honest and direct artist whose "voice" as become more confident and distinct with time.”

- Gabor Klein

“I remember years ago sitting in a college bar listening to her smokey voice as calm and warming as the whiskey in my glass. Years later, I moved to Columbus and caught up with her once again. Her music and voice aged beautifully over time. She's a class act and her music, a perfect addition to your evening out.”

- Debra Keller

“Love her original stuff, delivered with heart and beautiful guitar riffs; Donna is a treat!”

- Cathi Bringardner Jones

“I first read about Donna in 1991 in Columbus Alive. Shortly thereafter I stumbled upon her playing at the Short North Tavern and became an instant fan. Donna sings with passion. Her words reach deep and her voice Remains unrivaled 23 years later. Columbus is so fortunate to have Donna!”

- Jill Shaffer

“Actually I'm a new fan and wished I had seen you all these years! Always a great show!”

- Bob Vance

“Donna Mogavero can play guitar like a man. As a matter of fact, she can play like a lot of men. She can play like the Beatles for example. She owns it whenever she covers anyone. And did I mention her songwriting? She has few peers. She's a peerless, flawless, bridge to a wealth of music. You can quote me.”

- Frank Tennyson

“A tour de force of the modern American songbook, Donna is Columbus' own 21st century troubadour.”

- John McCabe

“Donna is a fabulous talent with a generous spirit. Her music is universally appealing and delights audiences at giant venues or small stages.”

- Candice Watkins

“A sublime performer with a world class voice, exceptional guitar skills and unforgettable songs.”

- Billy Zenn

“Excellent musician - heartfelt singer, amazing guitarist, wonderful songwriter & a beautiful soul. Always a treat to hear & see her perform! ”

- Annie Hawe

“Donna has always been a musical treasure of Cbus or anywhere”

- Phillips Guitars

“One of the singers who inspired me to become one myself! And then inspired me to play guitar! Love Donna!”

- Deanna Sweeney 

“Donna Mogavero has filled Columbus with her sound gathering a huge and loyal audience. Never writing the same song twice, each holds its' own and stands the test of time. Donna Mogavero could sell any one of her songs to L.A. or Nashville but keeps them close at home.”

- Betsy Cornell

“Donna has a way to sing to your soul. Her passion to story tell through lyrics evoke testimony to life's triumphs and tribulations. She embraces her music just as she embraces life.”

- Marcella Sutherland

“Donna is the essence of a true artist who is "plugged in" to the source where creativity comes from!”

- Roger Lehman

“Donna Mogavero and her music, she walks you right into the door with her voice and then sits you right down with her lyrics, amazing!!! The two together makes for a great evening!”

- Toria Brown

“Smokin' Hot Soulful Sounds!”

- Mike Grennell

“The first musician I saw perform when I moved to Columbus in the mid-80's was Donna, who exhibited incredible energy, range, and set variety. Since then, she has blossomed, improved like fine wine and is able to hold the attention, entertaining large audiences as a solo performer, a rare quality.”

- Michael Newland

“Donna Mogavero is one of those rare artists who makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and sends a chill up my spine. That nearly eerie and wholly beautiful feeling that something very and truly special is happening. This experience and Mogavero's uncanny abilities are purely evident both in her live performances and recorded works. Not necessarily the waging kind, I'd be willing to bet that Donna Mogavero's ultra-magnetic glow will, indeed, touch you too.”

- Myke Rock